Friday, September 18, 2009

The Best Things in Life are FREE!

Times may be tough and Her Hoboness is in financial stitches but not even her new-found destitution could make her abandon her beauty junkie ways. As a wiseman (read: my lovely BF) once said "Rehab is for quitters." Ah, such wondrous wisdom! So if quitting is not an option, how's a girl gonna feed her beauty addiction? The answer: Fr3b - Singapore's first-ever sampling concept store. It's a shop filled with tons of beauty buys and yes, you won't have to dance nekkid for anything here. Everything comes for free!


Of course, giving out freebies to attract potential users is not exactly a new venture but an entire store filled with products you can take home for nothing? Priceless - quite literally. From hair care to skin care to diet aids, even baked chips - Her Hoboness can practically dance in her nuddy pants (thanks Georgia!) even if she doesn't need to this time.

As with every other good thing however, there's a minor catch. There's a S$28 (USD20) annual fee to get into the members-only store. They give you a goodie bag that's worth more than double that amount though as a welcome gift so it's all good, but if the recession made you shut your purse tight and toss the key into the depths of the Atlantic, don't despair. Fr3b has an online counterpart that requires nothing more than a quick registration to access.

There's a nominal shipping charge to check-out up to 4 items at a time but other than that, all you need to do is give quality feedback on the products you pick-up in order to check-out more in the future.

Sounds like a good deal? Check them out here or you may click on the Fr3b banner at the bottom left corner of this page if you prefer.

I know, I know, I'm such the recession-beating genius so if you really must thank me for letting you in on this one, you may return the favor here. :D

Happy FREE shopping!


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